Technology & Reward Programs

We use the newest forms of technology that makes it possible to gear to each customer. Our technology will be able to analyze each customer’s purchases throughout a six-month period. Using this information, we will adapt rewards and promotions to each customer’s buying habits, which makes a more meaningful and efficient system.

Customers can also order online through our website as well as through our app. Technology will help ordering food from NPB a smooth, hassle-free experience.

We will also have a QR reader that allows customers to pay without physically having their debit/credit cards. The QR code offers added security for a peace of mind. Social media are crucial platforms and ways customers interact with restaurants as well as fellow customers in this technology-driven era and thus are a major part of our marketing efforts. We will use social media as a main way to promote special deals as well as contacting and receiving feedback from customers.

We will also have TV menu boards that will save time for customers waiting in line. It allows us to change and edit the menu efficiently, which avoids printing costs and saves resources. It also helps with branding as well as promoting new menu items or specials.